Integrity Engineer

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Integrity Engineer

Functie omschrijving:

As an Integrity Engineer you will be working within Maintenance strategy team, department Integrity Group in the Netherlands. You will Contributes to continuity of reliable and safe assets by ordering necessary inspections and advise local internal clients and (local) management about the integrity of the assets. Contributes to repair and modifications of existing assets by drafting quality standards and -plans and coordination and managing of QA/QC activities.
Continuous improvement of the effectiveness and efficiency of NDT techniques.

Leads the inspectors on a hierarchically, functional and operational way. Reports to Qualified IKT3 hierarchically and Manager Maintenance during projects and turnarounds. The work covers Rotterdam Maasvlakte including all city plants throughout The Netherlands.


Basis vereisten / opleidingen:

  • Manages and coordinates all activities regarding obtaining approval to meet company and government standards.
  • Acts as an intermediary between licensing authorities, relevant departments and external companies and institutes.
  • Identifies and coordinates all activities concerning approval of government and company legislation.
  • Develops, in consultation with relevant stake holders, applicable procedures and work plan.
  • Coordinates repairs/ modification/ and new built activities in the context of “commodities act pressure equipment”.
  • Coordinates failure analysis and reliability studies.
  • Coordinates activities regarding quality issues: develop quality standards for Operation activities.
  • Approves contractor’s quality assurance plans
  • Formulates review assignment for specialized institutions.
  • Approves reports and manages the processing in ISO9001:2015.
  • Manages the development of quality standards.
  • Performs audits of contractors: in workshop and on site.
  • Coordinates quality assurance plans regarding the assembly and commissioning
  • Manages the documentation of relevant information in project evaluation forms,
  • Develops instructions for project engineers and provides assistance in this context.
  • Participates in meetings, making proposals, with the manager maintenance regarding the organization and policy of the integrity group.
  • Develops and maintains quality systems regarding inspections.
  • Optimizes inspection programs on efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Develops and monitors the execution of development plans of individual employee
  • Maintains contacts with NL/CBI inspector(s).
  • Is responsible, under supervision of the NL/CBI, for executed inspections (unjust approval or disapproval and following consequences).
  • Works under the responsibility of the Qualified IKT3.
  • Manages the knowledge and expertise of inspectors to comply to IvG status
  • Processes administration and documentation.
  • Use the escalation line as defined in the latest management statement.
  • Manages the knowledge and expertise of inspectors regarding failure mechanisms,
  • Prediction of failure evolution including critical parameters.
  • Contributes/coordinates consequent activities (PO and inspection plans or
  • Modification of technical and operation procedures).
  • Conduct independent survey on technical installations in the context of “commodities act pressure equipment”. Creates reports of the findings including advice for the Qualified IKT3.
  • Qualifications

Gewenste vaardigheden:

  • Bachelor degree mechanical.
  • IKT 2 certified and IKT 3 qualified.
  • Knowledge of process operation.
  • Knowledge of metallurgy.
  • Knowledge of NDT.
  • Knowledge of failure mechanisms.
  • Minimal 5 years of experience with pressure equipment.
  • Annual verifiable training in applicable expertise for the purpose of recertification.
  • Business fluency in English and Dutch, other languages advantageous

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